Wizard Golf RPG

What is it? Wizard Golf RPG is a dungeon crawler meets golf game. Your goal is to get to the bottom of nine-floor dungeons while avoiding traps, monsters, and water hazards.

What makes it like Golf? Clean shots are important and getting to the hole with as few shots as possible. You will need to study each dungeon carefully to determine the best path to take.

What makes it like an RPG? You need to collect loot scattered throughout the dungeon. You explore new levels that have unique settings such as deserts, forests, and lava filled hell-scapes.

You will need to use that loot to upgrade your character so that you can cast more spells, shoot further, and cause more damage when you hit enemies.

You can also  buy new spells like a bomb spell to blow up walls or an ice spell to freeze enemies. 


When is it coming out? June 2014.

What platforms? iOS, Android, PC

How much will it cost? Free

How many people are working on it? There are only three of us!

Where can I get screenshots and stuff? Download this zip.

Where can I see it in motion? Watch this intro trailer

How can I contact you?  iamchriszukowski [at gmail]

How can I follow your progress? Twitter: @adventuremtn